WhoCan Aid? Ear Pain After High Caliber Gunshot Without Ear Protection?

Tinnitus – 5 Tips To Deal With Head Ringing

It can be difficult to learn to cope with your own tinnitus but it is important to realize is that you are not on it’s own and that there are actions you can take to cope with this. Some people get suffered from ringing in ears alone for so very long that they have quit hope. They may consider there is no additional option for them. All of us aim to give people wish and one way we do this is by showing people they may not be alone and by training them ways they can deal with their particular tinnitus discomforts.

Listed below are 5 tinnitus tips:

1.Understand that you are not on it’s own. One of the biggest issues for many ringing in ears sufferers is feeling that they are by yourself and that who else understands what they’re going through.

2. There are treatment options available. Many people have been told it’s most in their brain or that there is nothing that can be done and also this isn’t true. Once you understand and accept the belief that there are treatment options available, you will find brand new hope with your situation.

3.Take it day-to-day. You can’t be worried about what happened recently or how negative your tinnitus signs might be tomorrow. Instead, just target one day at any given time and what you can do right now to help your symptoms.

4.Don’t worsen it. You may already know that tinnitus can come coming from things in your life for example loud noises or even certain medications you’re taking. Take time to discover more regarding these things along with don’t do anything to really make it worse.

5.Snooze in a dim room with white noise in the background. Be sure you sleep in a darker room with no light coming through and be sure you possess a background noise for example white noise to aid mask the sounds of tinnitus so you can get the proper rest you need at night.

Now that you have these types of 5 steps for you to coping with ears ringing, you can begin a fresh journey in life: one where the tinnitus doesn’t moderate your life or every day.
Question by Alex Gardner: Ear pain after high caliber gunshot without ear protection?
This past weekend, on Saturday afternoon, I shot a shotgun shell from a rifle. I had shot a few rounds of a 22 at first, being much weaker and not requiring plugs. I don’t know anything about shooting, my friends do, and they were trying to teach me for the first time, but forgot to mention the necessity for ear protection with a higher caliber rifle when they had me try it, and I, being rather stupid at the time, aside from totally unaware of how to shoot or how loud shooting can be, shot without any ear protection. I’m right handed, and so when I shot the rifle I didn’t really have any problem with my right ear (at all), but immediately after firing my left ear went deaf for a few seconds, accompanied by a loud ringing tone. My hearing came back gradually over about one minute but ringing persisted for about two minutes after the shot, and then the ringing came to a complete stop. However, there was a feeling of pressure and fullness in the ear. Although today, Monday night, this feeling of pressure has slightly begun to go away, it is still there, and I’m getting worried. I don’t really think it’s tinnitus because I don’t have any ringing in the ear. In fact the ringing only lasted about one or two minutes before going away completely. I was told that I probably did lose some of my high frequency hearing but that it probably won’t be that bad or noticeable (by the said friends). As of right now my main complaint isn’t that it’s hard to hear out of my left ear, as I can barely distinguish the difference in my ability to hear between my left ear and my right ear. However, my left ear and my right ear FEEL completely different. The left feels as though it’s under pressure, at times full of wax even though it’s not, and generally just not as open as my other ear (like the two ears are out of balance). Also, if I touch the area of my face beneath my ear (behind my jaw and underneath the ear itself), it feels different than if I touch it on the other side, like it’s slightly numb. Visually it does not appear to be swollen; if it is then it’s barely visible. I have tried using cutips to see if I can get at any wax, and I have, but it appears of normal color. I read somewhere that if it’s clear that can be a sign of actual damage. Even after getting the wax out, though, it hasn’t helped much with the feeling of pressure and out of balanceness. I know that the ringing is probably something that would never go away (thankfully that hasn’t occurred at all so far, after the shot), as I’ve read has happened with other people in similar situations (online), but I’m more concerned with my symptoms of pressure and fullness of the ear.

I don’t know what to do at this point. I’m really hoping that in a couple days the pressure will be gone and that my head will at least feel balanced, even if I have suffered some minor hearing loss, which is unfortunately a given I’d imagine, but I don’t know if that’s realistic. Most people complain of ringing in their ears, it seems, after this type of situation, but I have different symptoms.

Has anyone had personal experience with this or have any advice to give?
In response to first replier, it had a longer barrel. That’s all I meant, as you can’t tell I don’t know much about guns.

Second replier, why does it matter if the symptoms have gone by the time I get to the doctor?

Best answer:

Answer by Driven by Budweiser II
If you shot a shotgun shell out of a rifle I am surprised that only your ears a ringing, and you actually survived

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Many people choose a more organic option with regards to their ringing in the ears treatment. You might prefer naturopathic treatment options or even trying organic methods such as vitamins as well as herbs which are meant to assist. Some examples tend to be vitamins as well as herbs which increase blood circulation and enhance blood flow. Your physician may recommend medications to assist in treating your ringing in the ears. Many people discover these to work. If you follow this path, you may have to test several different drugs before choosing the best one to your requirements as is normal with any treatments.


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