Who Can Aid? Ensure Drink/powder… Anyone Having Side Effects / Problems With These?

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Question by Masseur_at_Play: ensure drink/powder… anyone having side effects / problems with these?
I tried ensure in cans and stopped drinking them due to feeling like I was digesting a petrolium product or the like, also thought it may have been giving me a slightly bad taste in my mouth the morning after.

Anyway, I recently bought the powder hoping to make my milk more tasty and nutritious (I am aslo trying to gain weight/mass). I am not sure if its the powder or something else I ate, but the following occured the first day I tried it:

1. had a bit of gas, also smelled a bit and I am the type that normally doesn’t have any odor in terms of gas

2. when exercising I broke out in sweat quicker than normal and my side hurt a bit as if it were a little out of shape but that should not have occurred in what I consider to be a regular routine

3. I seemed to feel drained after working out and then like I crashed an hour after, I didn’t take the powder immediately before working out, more like a good hour or two before

4. upon waking throbbing tinnitus, bad taste, drained
I don’t have the flu or anything of the like and I am known to have similar effects when eating different kinds of foods (cutting out high frictose corn syrup helps tremendously). I also don’t believe I am anemic or lactose intolorant. Am just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems with Ensure (at this point I am not positive that Ensure is the culprit, but I believe the chance is high). If you have had any side effects from Ensure, expecially the powder, I wish to know

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Answer by Mr. Peachy®
I believe the lesson to be learned here is one that took me a lifetime to learn. That is, you can’t beat Mother Nature when it comes to nutrition. I’m a type two diabetic and have been trying to find a solution for years. I’ve finally found it. Stick to the diet that our ancestors evolved around, and be healthy. What does that mean? Fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, range animals & fish (if you must have meat), and so forth. Since following this simple plan, my weight has settled into “ideal” according to the BMI charts, my diabetes has reversed to the extent that I no longer take any meds at all, my bowels are happier, my skin has noticeably improved in texture, I’m 56 and feel like I’m 35, etc, etc.

Check this out, Glucerna products are made for diabetics, right? Read the label on one sometime. There’s sugar in them. Go figure. My point is, man cannot come close to making an “ideal” food for humans… we’re too complex. Mother Nature can and does simply because of time and evolution. Whether you believe in evolution or creation… it makes no difference. Either we evolved down through the ages with natural foods, or they were created for us by a supreme being… see what I mean? For man to think he can make a better, more nutritious food for us is absolutely ludicrous.

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