What Causes Ringing in the Left Ear – What Are the Causes?

What Causes Ringing In The Left Ear – What Are the Causes?

What Causes Ringing In The Left Ear

Unilateral tinnitus is known with other names such as buzzing in one ear, tinnitus in the left air. Generally, tinnitus is ear-related problem where the sufferer hears certain disturbing noises either on one ear (in the case of unilateral tinnitus which occurs on the left ear) or both ears. Such disturbing noises are heard by the person suffering this condition in the form of buzzing, hissing, ticking or roaring noise. While unilateral is used to describe ear ringing on one ear, bilateral tinnitus refers to ear ringing on both ears.

In both types of ear ringing mentioned above, only the person suffering from the condition hears the disturbing sound or ringing. The only case whereby a nearby person can hear the ringing is the pulsatile type of tinnitus. However, pulsatile type of ear ringing is not prevalent; you can only find it among 3 percent of the entire population suffering from tinnitus.

Causes of Unilateral Tinnitus

The circumstances that produce this ear-related problem could be either serious or mild. For instance, as simple as it seems, impacted ear wax results to unilateral ear ringing. Most often, when someone complains of ringing ear, the first thing that is checked is the amount of wax present in such individual’s ear. However, if you are having a family member or colleague check for the presence of excessive ear wax in your ears, do not try to remove it yourself or ask the fellow to do so as this may result to further distortion in your ears. It is best to have a doctor get rid of the wax with special instruments. What Causes Ringing In The Left Ear

Unilateral ear ringing can also be caused by an acute ear infections; this condition may even be further aggravated by the medication the individual is using on the ear infections. This is specifically true of antibiotics that may likely be ototoxic. Apart from antibiotics, other ototoxic medications include analgesics, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories, ibuprofen, diuretics, oral contraceptives, anti-malarial drugs as well as chemotherapies.

Also, head injuries which are traumatic in nature have been identified as unilateral ear ringing cause. This is evidenced in certain individuals who confirmed that their ear ringing problem started after a motor accident which affected their head region.

Although stress may not be identified as direct causes of tinnitus unilateral; on the other hand, they can worsen a ringing ear condition. Also, high intake of caffeine, salty diet, too much consumption of alcohol, nicotine and fat will make a tinnitus condition worse.

Constant exposure to loud sounds will result to damage of the hair cells, leading to a case of tinnitus. The worst scenario will result to permanent hearing loss – then to ringing ear.

If you perceive you have unilateral tinnitus, your first place of visit should be the physician’s, for adequate medical examination in order to identify the causes and subsequently prescribe the right treatments that will best improve the condition. Do not start any self-prescribed medications no matter how good they may seem. What Causes Ringing In The Left Ear

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