Tinnitus Masker Device – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Those that suffer from Tinnitus usually have one thing in common with each other – a terrible noise in their head. The sound differs from person to person but it is usually very similar to a buzzing or ringing of some sort.

Tinnitus Masker Doesn’t Beat This

Of course, the volume and frequency of the sound varies by individual, but it is certainly aggravating to say the least, and could be borderline torture to some. Therefore, many people have turned to a Tinnitus Masking Device to combat this problem.

This masking device does just what the name implies – it masks noises, in particular, head noises as a result of Tinnitus. It’s usually a device which is used at night as a way to make you fall asleep easier while playing in the background to allow your brain to focus on it instead of the noise in your head.

The masking device usually plays some sort of “white noise” or soft music in the background. It isn’t very different from a small CD player or radio; in fact, you could even use any standard radio as a masking device. Just make sure you have it pre-loaded with soft music that you can fall asleep to.

You really don’t have to get too fancy when looking for a masking device. Sometimes even an air-circulating fan does the job, as long as it has a nice hum to it. Anything that will allow you to concentrate on the external noise will help you to ignore the noise in your ears and get you asleep faster.

Forget Masking Your Tinnitus Symptoms?

See how a 10 year sufferer of Tinnitus finally found a way to Stop Ear Noise for good!

Hi all, Russ Parker here… I’m here to promote an alternative way to combat Tinnitus and ear noise. As a 10 year sufferer of inner ear noise myself, I know the pain, and I know what worked for me. Hopefully I can use this great site to share what worked for me with you.

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Dr. William Hal Martin Ph.D., explains the sound therapy – masking – and its efficacy for tinnitus patients. For more information on sound therapy and other treatments for tinnitus please visit www.ata.org.

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