Ringing in Ears After Loud Music – Why Do Concerts Cause Ear Ringing?

Ringing In Ears After Loud Music – Why Do Concerts Cause Ear Ringing?

Ringing In Ears After Loud Music

Going to concerts is on top of most people’s to do list on Friday night. However, the high pitches, loud bass, and loud music can really hurt your ears. Some people are unaware of how the concert affected their ears until they’ve left the concert. Their ability to hear is diminished and they can hear a mild ringing in the back of their head.

The best way to describe ear ringing is by listening to white noise and static. The ear ringing can go on as long as a couple of minutes, hours, even to a few days. If you’ve experienced this, then you’re probably worried about how this is going to affect your hearing.

The good thing is that the ringing usually goes away on its own given some time. It’s highly advised that you don’t listen loud music or expose yourself to loud sounds until the ringing goes away. You can really damage your hearing if you ignore the issue and keep exposing yourself to a lot of noise while your ears are sensitive.

What happens is that frequent exposure to loud noise causes the hair cells located in the inner ear to respond. Too much activity will eventually lead to trauma for the hair-like microscopic cells. Exposing your ears to this trauma over an extended period of time creates a strain which is what causes your ears to start ringing. Ringing In Ears After Loud Music

So the best way to solve the ear ringing problem is to wear earplugs during a concert. You can still hear the music perfectly and enjoy the event without endangering your ears. These earplugs are relatively cheap and some are so small that they are hardly noticeable. You’ll notice a big difference in your ears after walking out of a concert.

Another cause of ear ringing can be tinnitus. This is a condition that can cause static-like sounds, swishing (imbalance of hearing), as well as a high pitched ringing. Tinnitus is caused by damage to the nerves in your ears, either in the form of sound, infection, or a disease of the ear.

The best way to find out what’s causing your ear ringing problem is to visit your doctor. It’s also important to protect yourself from harmful sound if you have sensitive ears. Scientific research has shown that exposing yourself to sound that are decibels higher than 110 could also lead to ear damage. The ideal level is about 85 decibels, approximately the sound level of a lawn mower.

In a nutshell, it’s best to wear earplugs when going to a music event, especially if you have sensitive ears. Many times ear ringing is caused by excessive stress to your ears and usually goes away on its own. The best thing to do is to go to an ear specialist if the problem persists for a few days. Remember, prevention is better than cure so take the initiative to protect your ears. Ringing In Ears After Loud Music

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