Over the Counter Medication for Ringing in the Ears – Sudden Ringing in the Ears

Over The Counter Medication For Ringing In The Ears – Sudden Ringing in the Ears

Over The Counter Medication For Ringing In The Ears

A sudden hearing of ringing in the ear may be an alarming episode. For example, some automobile crash victims have reported a sudden onset of tinnitus after receiving a traumatic head injury. Persons undergoing dental surgery have reported sudden ringing in the ears sudden ringing in the ear is usually a result of some simple cause. This occurrence might also be due to the recent exposure of a loud noise. Over The Counter Medication For Ringing In The Ears

Some of the other conditions are vertigo and an over-active thyroid. Sudden thyroid burst can cause vertigo which results in a loss of balance. Sudden elevation in the pulse rate and hyperventilation are a result of increased thyroid activity. It is advisable that patient suffering from these conditions should sit down right away if they hear even slightest of ear ringing.

Prescription or over-the-counter drugs may cause a sudden onset of ear ringing. If not looked into, the drugs can cause permanent damage to the ear. The long term use of salicylate analgesics (which is higher doses of aspirin), naproxen sodium (Naprosyn, Aleve), ibuprofen, many other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, aminoglycoside antibiotics, anti-depressants, loop-inhibiting diuretics, quinine/anti-malarials, oral contraceptives, and chemotherapy can cause ear damage and hearing loss. Ototoxic antibiotics have been documented to cause tinnitus.

Experiencing a sudden ringing in ears may be due to a concert outing or hearing some other loud noise. Usually it does not last for long. There are several possible reasons for this sudden tinnitus. For example there may be a wax build up or an infection in the ear.

What exactly is ringing of ears? By far the most common term used by tinnitus sufferers to describe their condition is ringing. Ringing is not exactly an accurate description. Significant number of people thinks it’s a high pitched sound.

Tinnitus sufferers report hearing various other sounds in their ears. Surprisingly, not all individuals describe the sound as a ringing. The kinds of sounds include roaring, clicking, hissing, whistling and human voices, just to name a few. Over The Counter Medication For Ringing In The Ears

Whistling is another commonly reported sound. From human whistling to mechanical whistles, but for the most part the pitch and volume remain fairly constant. Tinnitus has even been described as a growling in the ears — a never-ending growling. Lots of other sufferers report a chirping bird sound.

For sure, the most frequent sound reported with tinnitus is the ringing type. Even with ringing the variations seem endless. Tinnitus sounds can vary from a simple door buzzer ring to church bells.

If one keeps experiencing sudden tinnitus, then it may be time to seek remedy. Nutritionists have advised people with tinnitus to remove all unhealthy foods from their diet and also complete a fruit and vegetable juice fast for three days. The purpose of this is to clear the ear of any clogging mucus which may be lingering in there. Garlic, as you probably know, has been reputed to lower blood pressure. Garlic reduces blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels.

Natural methods of treating tinnitus include diet, herbs and nutritional supplements. Professional health carers state that both the foods you eat and the foods that you don’t eat play a role in causing tinnitus. Health professionals from varying fields all agree on the importance proper food and cause of tinnitus. Pulsating, hypertension related tinnitus can be treated with blood pressure lowering foods. Over The Counter Medication For Ringing In The Ears

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