My Ears Keep Ringing – Help Stop the Buzzing in My Ears!

My Ears Keep Ringing – Help Stop the Buzzing in My Ears!

My Ears Keep Ringing

Help stop the buzzing in my ears, you plead. The buzzing, ringing and hissing in your ears, or tinnitus is driving you absolutely batty, making you depressed and anxious and robbing you of your sleep. Your T. is ruining your life and you don’t know where to turn. You would do anything to find a cure to be able to lead a normal life again. If all this sounds familiar, you have come to the right place. There are cures for tinnitus and you will find out what they are by reading this article and the approach to take to them.

Tinnitus is not a disease. It is a symptom that something else is not right with the body. Find what that is and you will be well on your way to finding the cure for the buzzing in your ears. There are many causes of tinnitus and the symptoms of tinnitus vary from individual to individual. This is why many doctors find it so difficult to cure and end up saying to patients that they will just have to “live with it”. Stress, inflammation of the inner ear, a build up of ear wax, Menieres disease, age, certain anti-depressants and cochlea damage can all cause tinnitus. Given the “uniqueness” of the disease for every individual, it is best to take an active role in finding a holistic cure. With a comprehensive approach like this, you can try a combination of treatments and find which combination works best for you. Make sure you begin with a visit to the ENT specialist to make sure that your tinnitus is not caused by one of the medical reasons above.

Here are some of the tinnitus treatments you can try: My Ears Keep Ringing

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

This is an absolute must. Fill your body with the best fuel-plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and proteins. Eat organic where possible and avoid citrus, caffeinated drinks, alcohol and smoking. Keep a log of what you are eating and if something you eat worsens the noise in your head, you know to cut it out completely. Food allergies like wheat can cause inflammation of the inner ear and tinnitus!

Vitamins B1, 6, 12, C, D, and E can reduce tinnitus symptoms as can zinc, iron and 2-2.5mg of manganese.

Certain herbs such as Gingko Biloba and Coffee Cruda also have this effect. It’s best to take advice on this from a qualified herbalist. Try to get a s much sleep as you can. If your sleep is badly disturbed by the buzzing in your ears, try masking it by listening to white noise through an MP3.

Reduce the Stress in your Life

As you probably know, stress can worsen your T considerably. Taking exercise will help you to deal with any stress you are feeling. It doesn’t need to be a three hour session in the gym either. Walk instead of taking the bus or take the stairs instead of the life. Yoga is also excellent for calming your mind and relaxing the body. Look at areas of your life that cause you stress. Are you doing too much? Can you cut any activity our that is not strictly necessary. Would it help just to talk to someone? Reducing the stress in your life will certainly reduce if not cure your tinnitus. My Ears Keep Ringing

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