Mouthpiece Buzzing; How and Why:

What mouthpiece buzzing can do for you. The trumpet can NOT make you play on pitch. It can only get you close. Being close isn’t even good enough in Jr High. (That won’t get you in all state band.) So YES you have to play in pitch. Trumpet isn’t like piano. A person can be deaf and play piano but not trumpet. We have to do ear training so we know what the pitch is and we have to work to stay there. Mouthpiece buzzing is a BIG part of this and it also improves our resonance. ((Most people play by accident?)) Yes they do. Ask someone to play a scale or a lip slur exercise. Listen for crescendos… Ask them which note was LOUDEST and which was softest. Most people couldn’t tell you. They play dynamics BY accident. It just happens. Most also start playing BEFORE they have a sound concept in mind. So the sound they present is also an accident. You either do things on purpose or by accident. If you don’t plan it to be that way then it is by accident.
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