Liver Disease? What’s Wrong With Me?

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Here are good examples and basic information of the sorts:

Question by Melissa S: Liver disease? What’s wrong with me?
2 weeks ago I went off my food and lost 1/2 a stone (I weighed 8stone before). I kept feeling dizzy and sick, and this turned into headaches and feeling like I was about to faint. I was tired all the time and would sleep 10 hours at night and 2 in the day, (I usually sleep about 8 hours). I got diarrhoea, and then about 2 days after got crippling back pain to the point where I can hardly walk and it hasn’t gone any better now. I think its inside my back though, like kidney area?

Anyway I googled my symptoms and it came up with liver disease and these are the symptoms:

I’ve crossed the ones I have:

Headache x
Problem of skin x
Feeling of Dizziness x
Ticks, Spasms and Tremors
Sudden Seizures
Redness and itchiness of eyes x
Short temperedness and constant irritation x
Tension and pain in the back x
Hypochondriac pain x
Loss of flexibility of tendons and ligaments
Depression x
Mood Swings x
Light colouration of stool x
Bloating x
Weight loss x
Appetite loss x
Nausea x

That’s most of them. Can you tell me could I have liver disease? What causes it? And if not what do you think it is?

Best answer:

Answer by abijann
You should get medical attention for any pain like that.
Because you mentioned the lightness of the stool color…
it could be gallstones. The pain would be more to the
front of the body and may go up into the shoulder area.

The bile flows from the liver to the gallbladder, through
tube like structures, known as ducts. When we eat,
the food moves from our esophagus to the stomach and
over to the first part of the intestines, known as the
duodenum. Hormones signal the gallbladder to contract
and the bile moves back into the bile ducts and down
to the intestines to emulsify and digest the fats we
eat. Anything that blocks the flow of this bile can cause
pain. A stone, that has developed in the gallbladder
could move out into these ducts; a growth could of
developed in the ducts, infection can also happen,
or the ducts could be malformed and became
twisted and strictured in nature. An ultrasound or
CT scan would show if it was a problem in this area.
The spleen makes a substance from our dead red
blood cells, known as bilirubin. The liver takes this
bilirubin and converts it into a soluble form to flow
with the bile. Bilirubin is a greenish, yellowish
substance that colors other things. If it doesn’t
reach the intestines, with the bile, it will cause
the lightening of the stools to the point that they
appear almost a whitish gray color and they may
also float upon the toilet water (since the fat is
not emulsified properly).

If the pain is in the back area and moves toward
the back right side from the spinal column over…
then this could be a kidney stone. The pain would
be excrutiating. The pain would start once the stone
left the kidney and it moved into the tubing leading
to the bladder. It is very important that you get
help with the pain. The doctor will do testing to
see where the stone is at and if it is moving or
have become fastened in the tubes. Most time
patients can pass these stones…but sometimes
they can become stuck and can end up damaging
the kidney.

Simple blood testing from the doctor could tell
you so much more.
The liver enzymes and liver function blood tests
would indicate a liver problem.
The creatinine and Bun could indicate a renal
The white blood cells and differential could indicate
an infection.
An ultrasound or Ct scan could evaluate all of this
to see where the problem is.

I hope this is of help to you. If the pain
continues, I would think about going to the
emergency room…if you cannot get ahold of
your doctors office.

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