High Frequency Tinnitus – Are You Having These Symptoms of Tinnitus?

High Frequency Tinnitus – Are You Having These Symptoms of Tinnitus?

High Frequency Tinnitus

When you have tinnitus, you hear ringing or other types of sound in the absence of an external sound stimuli. Some tinnitus sufferer hear the ringing in one ear, some have it in both ears, and there are also people who hear sounds in their head. Although many tinnitus cases are not that severe, the endless ringing, swishing and buzzing in the ear or head is very irritating, and inevitable causes a lot of inconvenience and trouble to the sufferer.

Depending on the causes of tinnitus, your tinnitus may sometimes gets better over time and stop on its own. Medically, tinnitus is not considered a disease. Rather, it is a symptom expressed in a number of different health related problems. In rare cases, tinnitus can be a sign of more serious underlying health issue, may be a brain tumor or an disorder in the brain (e.g. aneurysm).

When it comes to the symptoms of tinnitus, they vary quite widely. The characteristic tinnitus symptom is a ringing sound or a high-pitched sound. Some describe the sound they hear as buzzing, hissing, whistling, clicking, ticking, roaring, “crickets”. Some say they heard whooshing sound, just like the waves and wind.

No matter what type of sound or noise you have in your ears or head, they seem to be forever there annoying you. Even if the sound seems to vanish, it is only for temporary. The intensity of the symptoms may change when you move your head, shoulder, jaw, or eyes. High Frequency Tinnitus

Many people suffer from tinnitus without knowing it. Actually, there are physical and emotional symptoms associated with, or as a result of, tinnitus. By understanding these symptoms of tinnitus and the associated signs of discomfort, you are more likely to pick up signs of a health problem, so that you can seek medical help in time.

Possible physical symptoms of tinnitus include dizziness (vertigo), sleep disturbances, neck and shoulder pain, ear pain, migraines, jaw pain, sweaty palms and blurred vision.

For emotional symptoms of tinnitus, they may include anxiety, moodiness, depression, lack of concentration, memory problem, and irritability. The type of ringing or sound you hear may depend on the type of tinnitus you have.

The noises associated with cochlea damage tinnitus can be ringing bells, chirping sounds, cricket sounds, hissing and fluttering sounds, roaring, and a high frequency noise. The sounds normally heard in stress- and traumatic live events-induced tinnitus include ringing, whizzing and whooshing, whistling, rushing and a roaring like a waterfall.

The sounds normally associated with tinnitus from sinus are such as clicking sound, cracking sound, whirring sound, high-pitched ringing, and a ringing tone that comes and goes intermittently. Based on the type of noise you hear, you might be able to guess the underlying factor of your tinnitus. However, you still need to get examined properly by your doctor to pinpoint the exact cause to your ringing ears. High Frequency Tinnitus

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