Ear Ringing and Dizziness – Eliminate Ringing in Ears, Dizziness and Headaches

Ear Ringing And Dizziness – Eliminate Ringing in Ears, Dizziness and Headaches

Ear Ringing And Dizziness

Are your ringing ears annoying you up to the point that you actually experience headaches? Is that ringing, buzzing or humming sound in your head getting difficult to ignore? To get rid of the problem, first know your enemy. You have a condition known as tinnitus. It is the condition in which one hears a regular noise in the head despite the absence of an external source. It usually reminds you of that sound you hear after attending a rock concert or hear a firecracker explode up close. This condition comes with some hearing loss although there are cases of tinnitus without hearing loss. Millions of people suffer from this condition. People who cannot ignore this condition end up getting too irritated that they experience headaches and dizziness. The dizziness comes from the headaches themselves or the lack of sleep when tinnitus strikes during bedtime. Tinnitus is usually easily treatable. You can get help for tinnitus depending on the cause.

Tinnitus can be caused by the problems listed. Help for tinnitus is available for many of these causes. Ear Ringing And Dizziness

• Prolonged exposure to loud noises. – Loud noises can kill cells in the ear canal that aid in hearing.
• ‘What’s that sonny? ‘Old age can also cause tinnitus. The deterioration that comes with age also affects the auditory system.
• Ototoxic medication – Medicines such as aspirin can cause tinnitus as a side effect. Some drugs are considered ototoxic or bad for the ears.
• Earwax impaction – There is a ball of earwax the size of a raisin in most of us. And this raisin is exerting undue pressure causing ringing ears.
• Head trauma – a blow to the head especially near the ears can cause tinnitus.
• Ear infection or an acoustic tumor or brain tumors.
• Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle – Stress is known to lead to much bodily harm. Stress can affect heart rate and blood pressure. Changes in blood pressure to the head can cause tinnitus. Lack of exercise contributes to an imbalance in blood flow and a poor diet can cause nutrient deficiency such as a lock of zinc.

People seeking help for tinnitus can get it through the following:

• Temporarily keep away from loud noises. Purchase earmuffs if these loud noises are unavoidable like that construction site next to your office or if your neighbor is a rock star.
• Ignorance is bliss. Thinking or worrying about the sound only makes it louder. Many seek help for tinnitus when this happens. Minor cases of tinnitus can simply be ignored until they go away by employing sound maskers along with cognitive behavioral therapy.
• Eat a healthy diet and regular exercise. They decrease the effects of old age. Increase your intake of zinc, magnesium or vitamin B.
• Refrain from using ototoxic medication if possible.
• If a tumor is responsible, surgery is a last resort. Ear Ringing And Dizziness

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