Why Do I Hear Buzzing in My Ears – What’s That Buzzing Sound in My Ear

Why Do I Hear Buzzing In My Ears

What Is Tinnitus?
Tinnitus is marked by ringing or buzzing noises in the ear without any clear reason for it, and can indicate a more serious underlying condition, such as tumors or an infection. Tinnitus can be constant, intermittent, or pulsating. It is most always a chronic condition, but can be managed successfully to reduce it’s irritating effects. Tinnitus can be unilateral (one ear) or bilateral (both ears). Why Do I Hear Buzzing In My Ears

The word is derived from the Latin tinnitus, or “ringing.” It has been a bone of contention for thousands of years, and treatments have varied throughout the ages. There exists two kinds of tinnitus. In subjective tinnitus, only the person can hear it. In objective tinnitus, your physician can hear it upon examination. Both types have different causes. Objective tinnitus can most often be easily treated, but subjective tinnitus, the type only the person can hear, the treatment can be more of a challenge.

Tinnitus is caused by:
Obstruction due to fluid or wax buildup
Ear infections
Damage to the eardrum or the little bones in the middle ear
Aspirin overdose
Meniere’s disease
Brain tumor
Traumatic head injury, such as a severe blow to the head.

Tinnitus is diagnosed by your health care professional who will get your medical history, perform a physical examination, and conduct special hearing tests, such as an audiogram. Why Do I Hear Buzzing In My Ears

Other important tests:
Auditory brain stem response (ABR) to test the hearing nerves and brain pathways
CT scan
MRI scan to rule out a tumor

There is no specific treatment for tinnitus. You may have it for life or it could leave on it’s own, but you can introduce other noises into your environment that will allow you to not focus on the ringing in your ears.

Also if you have a chronic disease such as hypertension, make sure to keep your blood pressure within normal limits. You can reduce your risks of getting tinnitus by avoiding loud noises, keeping blood pressure within normal limits, reducing stress and fatigue, and taking no more than the recommended dosage of medications that can cause tinnitus, such as aspirin. The noise of tinnitus can also be lessened by not concentrating on it. The more you think about it the more you hear it and the louder it gets. It can be masked by having some other some other sound in the room such as a fan, or anything that will cause another sound in the room other than that incessant ringing or buzzing you hear. This “white noise” is very effective in decreasing the sound of ringing in your ears.

Consult with your health care provider to rule out other causes for this condition. Adding a little white noise to your surroundings can make you forget about your tinnitus in a beautiful way. Why Do I Hear Buzzing In My Ears

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Help Stop the Buzzing in My Ears – It Could Be Tinnitus

Help Stop The Buzzing In My Ears

What is Tinnitus and what causes it?

Picture standing in an open field in late August-the sounds of tiny insects, especially crickets fill your head. But it’s mid-February and you hear them just the same. Medical science calls this affliction, Tinnitus (tin-EYE-tus)-ringing, buzzing sounds I hear every waking moment. Help Stop The Buzzing In My Ears

The Mayo Clinic describes Tinnitus as inner ear cell damage. Tiny, delicate hairs in your inner ear move in relation to the pressure of sound waves. This triggers ear cells to release an electrical signal through a nerve from your ear (auditory nerve) to your brain. Your brain interprets these signals as sound. If the hairs inside your inner ear are bent or broken, they can “leak” random electrical impulses to your brain, causing tinnitus.

Many people suffer from tinnitus as a natural result of aging. A study released by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) puts most of the blame for tinnitus on cochlear damage (74.8%), while other factors contribute to the problem such as: ear infections, explosions (mainly firearms) and brief bursts of noise (loud music, diesel truck engines, etc.) and bodily injuries like whiplash.

Other contributing sources of tinnitus can be certain medications, especially aspirin taken on a daily basis by many patients with heart disease.

The Source of My Tinnitus

I’m convinced that the source of my tinnitus began many years ago in the form of cochlear damage resulting from two activities:

1. Flying-In 1962 I began taking flying lessons in small airplanes with very noisy engines. In those days we didn’t have noise-cancelling earphones. We turned up the volume on the radio so it was louder than the roar of the engine. It wasn’t until some time in the 1980s that noise-cancelling headsets became the norm.

2. Also in the 1960s I became a police officer. At least twice a year I had to qualify with a handgun–.38 caliber at first then.357 magnum. During that eight year period I fired well over 1000 rounds of pistol and shotgun ammunition. Our firearms instructors of that era taught us that since we didn’t wear ear protection while we worked our shifts, we should not rely on it while at the firing range. It wasn’t until FBI instructors saw the folly in this method of teaching and began wearing ear protection, that the rest of us followed suit.

By the time I reached age 50 I had a slight hearing loss that just got progressively worse. I don’t remember exactly when the tinnitus began-but I would guess it’s been nearly 15-20 years ago.

Every doctor I mentioned the problem to indicated that the damage had been done and I would just have to live with it. And until recently I have done just that. Help Stop The Buzzing In My Ears

What About Herbal Cures?

Much has been written about herbal cures for tinnitus. One such wonder herb mentioned is ginkgo biloba. Today, people use ginkgo leaf extracts hoping to improve memory; to treat or help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia; to decrease intermittent claudication (leg pain caused by narrowing arteries); and to treat sexual dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, tinnitus, and other health conditions.

Under a mandate from Congress, The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) was charged with the “dissemination of health information…with respect to identifying, investigation and validating complementary and alternative treatments. The NCCAM does not provide medical advice or referrals to specific practitioners. Rather, they recommend discussing the results of their studies with a health care provider before making decisions regarding treatment or care.

According to NCCAM, numerous studies of ginkgo have been done for a variety of conditions. Some promising results have been seen for intermittent claudication, but larger, well-designed research studies are needed.

Many mainstream physicians simply ignore the value, if any, of homeopathic remedies because they didn’t learn about them in med school. Tinnitus can be so overwhelming annoying to some people that they become deeply depressed-some to the point of considering suicide.

According to Thomas Coleman, an independent health issues researcher, “A recent major medical study showed that unless sinus, stress and anxiety related issues are tackled, treating the ear nerves will not stop tinnitus. Many tinnitus patients who went under the knife have continued to suffer from tinnitus regardless of how successful the operation was.

“The fact is: most of the conventional methods, including all sorts of drugs, muscle relaxers, vitamins and surgeries don’t workand they are less effective than ever before and will make your Tinnitus and your health worse in the long run! Why? Because unless all internal factors, which are responsible for tinnitus, are treated and eliminated, the inner ear nerves will continue to cause the ringing, beeping and pulsing sounds.” Help Stop The Buzzing In My Ears

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Ringing in Ear | Tinnitus Relief

Ringing in Ear | Tinnitus Relief


Ringing in ear or Tinnitus is more often a symptom or an effect of an underlying problem such as a past medical problem rather than it being the result of a medical condition. Often described as ringing in the ears, tinnitus patients also describe the sound as buzzing, chirping, or bursts and/or bangs. Tinnitus may occur in one or both ears and it may be a constant ringing in the ears or an intermittent sound. Some people have been coping or living with tinnitus for years, however, the root problem may take a while to discover since other problems, this time caused by the tinnitus itself may have surfaced. No matter what caused their tinnitus, most people focus on finding a cure. Sadly, there is still no cure for tinnitus. Though scientists, doctors, and researchers have all sought to find a cure for the ailment, the discovery of a cure for all or any of the twelve types of tinnitus (regardless of the cause) has not yet been made. There have been a good amount of tinnitus sufferers who claim that through Natural Tinnitus treatment they have been able to rid themselves of their tinnitus. Please download my free report.


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5 Tinnitus Remedies to Stop the Buzzing in Your Ears

Tinnitus affects roughly 50 million people in the USA alone though it affects everyone in different ways. It is most often described as a ringing, buzzing, humming or whistling in the ears or in the head. It can come about gradually or suddenly and for many reasons. There are as many tinnitus remedies as there are tinnitus causes. You can find many tips for tinnitus relief on the internet which can help stop the buzzing in your ears.

Certain medications have tinnitus as a side-effect. The most common of these being aspirin and some antibiotics. Make a note of and check if any of the medication you have been taking has tinnitus as a side-effect, mention this when you go to see your doctor.

If you are really suffering with ringing in your ears and really want to stop the buzzing in your ears, try some of the following tinnitus remedies. Many of these work especially well for tinnitus caused by anxiety or stress but are generally good tips for tinnitus relief!

1. Change your diet. Some tinnitus sufferers have noted their tinnitus gets worse when they consume products containing alcohol, caffeine or nicotine. Cutting down on these things will help cure your tinnitus, eating well and avoiding foods with a high sugar content is good advice no matter what your complaint is.

2. Vitamin supplements. Those with tinnitus connected to anxiety and stress find tablets such as zinc and Niacin can help their symptoms and have good results when it comes to tinnitus relief.

3. Exercise. Tinnitus remedies mainly for stress related tinnitus as yoga can relax the body and mind and promotes general well-being. This can help stop the ringing in your ears by making you relaxed.

4. Acupuncture. A lot of people have had success in helping people stop the buzzing in their ears with acupuncture, though some report the results are mostly temporary.

5. Meditation. This goes without saying but learning to meditate will relax the mind and should provide you with some tinnitus relief. If your tinnitus problems are stress related, training your mind to relax should help you a lot when trying to cure your tinnitus.

If you have an ear infection, the tinnitus should just gradually lessen as the infection starts to go away. Likewise, if you have sinus problems or nose allergies this could be causing wax to build up in your ears which can bring about tinnitus. Tinnitus is sometimes caused by objects in the ear which also trigger ringing in the ears. Your doctor can easily treat build-up of wax. So, don’t suffer at home unnecessarily, go and see your doctor for some tinnitus remedies.

If you have recently been to a rock concert or other loud event, the ringing in your ears should just stop relatively soon. If it persists, go and see your doctor to stop the buzzing in your ears. Be warned that consistent exposure to noise levels of this kind can cause more permanent inner ear damage and yep, you guessed it, worsened tinnitus. Protect your ears! This is the most important thing you can do if you want to cure your tinnitus.

For a review on more tinnitus remedies and advice and information on how to stop the buzzing in your ears tinnitus, follow this link: ===> Review on Cure For Tinnitus

Buzzing Ear ? Useful Guidelines

Often termed as “buzzing ear”, this condition is medically known as tinnitus. A person is said to have tinnitus if he or she of often hear noises even when there is no outside cause for that noise or even when no external noise is present. Aside from hearing buzzing sounds, people suffering from tinnitus also commonly hear other sounds such as clicking, ringing, whistling, waterfall-like sounds, roaring, hissing, and a lot more. If you have tinnitus, your buzzing ear can strike anytime of the day, regardless of what you are doing.

Here are some essential tips to follow to stop buzzing ear:

1. The first thing to do if you are suffering from unrelenting tinnitus is to consult with your physician who will then advise you to undergo physical examination. In rare cases, tinnitus can also indicate some serious underlying problems such as the narrowing of the carotid artery, a neck or head injury, aneurysm, or even a tumor. This isn’t enough to reason to be alarmed though because as stated previously, these are just worst-case scenarios which are very rare for people suffering from tinnitus. If you hear buzzing or any of the noises mentioned above, your doctor diagnosing something grave is actually unlikely.

2. Buzzing ear is often caused by being exposed to extremely loud noises and sounds. According to The American Tinnitus Association and The National Association for the Deaf, it is important for people suffering from tinnitus to always protect their ears from further damage. This is possible through the use of ear protection devices such as ear plugs and keeping their music soft.

3. Another possible reason why people suffer from tinnitus is the intake or consumption of drugs, pills, and medicines. Because of this, it is a must that you tell your doctor whatever medications you are taking. Simple medicines or pills can actually have side effects. Aspirin for instance, when taken in large amount can cause a person to hear strange sounds.

4. Buzzing ear can be triggered by alcohol consumption and too much stress. Therefore, it makes sense to stay away from alcoholic beverages. It isn’t simple to eliminate stress especially if your way of doing so is to take some shots of alcohol. However, you have to try other means of staying away from stress.

5. Some people find relief from using masking CDs or CDs with relaxing background noise, which are very useful in diverting away the patient’s attention from the tinnitus-produced sounds.

6. Lastly, it won’t help you to feel bad about your situation. In fact, doing so will only stress you out and this isn’t good for buzzing ear sufferers like you. Don’t despair because you are not alone in this plight. Always remember though that if you really want to treat your condition, you have to base your research and studies from reputable sources only. You can also try asking advice from tinnitus patients like you because they sure have been there and are one of the best people who can help you overcome this condition.

No matter how annoying tinnitus can be, it can be solved. Just follow the tips mentioned in this article and you’ll say goodbye to your buzzing ear in no time.

If you’re looking for more information on buzzing ear, then visit Barbara Thomson’s blog. To find out which tinnitus treatment is the best fit for you, visit the Top Rated Tinnitus Solutions.

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Stop the Buzzing Noise in Your Ears Once and for All

Tinnitus is a constant buzzing or ringing noise in the ears that brings discomfort and dilemma to most sufferers. The noise is like a siren that disturbs the peace and well being of sufferers. Imagine how you could live your life normally with a ringing noise in your head day and night. It is important to know how to stop the buzzing noise in your ears to enjoy life.

People with tinnitus could become depressed because of the negative impact brought by this condition. The annoyance it could bring into your life could cause sleeping disorder at night and impaired concentration on your daily activities. To stop the buzzing noise in your ears here are some tips:

Hearing evaluation. You need to take a hearing evaluation to know exactly what the cause of the ringing noise in your head. Although tinnitus is commonly associated with hearing loss, it is better to make sure that it is not a symptom of other health issues. An audiologist can be very helpful for your hearing evaluation or you maybe referred to an otolaryngologist, an ear, tongue and throat doctor.

Seek medical treatments. Of course it is best to seek medical treatment to deal with your tinnitus. There are devices and treatments that can stop the buzzing noise in your ears like sound therapy, drugs therapy and counselling. You also have to be aware of recent developments on medical treatments for tinnitus. Millions of people are suffering from tinnitus and there are on-going studies and research on treating this kind of problem.

Manage your stress. If you want to stop the buzzing noise in your ears, it is very helpful if you can manage your stress. Stress can cause or can make your tinnitus worse. Avoid stressful situation and learn some relaxation techniques to release your stress.

Natural treatment. With the advancement of technology now, natural remedies are still around because some people find it effective and inexpensive. It is another option for people who are into organic or natural method. If everything else failed, do not lose hope because some people find natural remedies effective in treating other health problems.

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Buzzing in the Ear and Walking the Path

Paris talks about the phenomenon of buzzing the ears in a multidimensional context. He discusses two kinds of buzzing (ringing, temporary hearing loss): beneficial and deterimental. Paris also gets into the importance of walking the spiritual path and deciding on a level of commitment. www.tosen.ca