Assistance Hear My Hearbeat in My Ears at Night, Could It Be Some Bigger Problem?

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Question by Kuki: hear my hearbeat in my ears at night, could it be some bigger problem?
i can hear my heartbeat(or some noise tht sounds like it) in my ears at night. think it is tinnitus..
but could there be a bigger problem behind this?? a tumor or something?
9yrs back i had been operated for haemangeoma, they were abnormal blood vessels clusters located between the muscles of my right jaw, and when i clenched my jaw the area protruded, anyway thats gone now since i was operated..
now im 22 and since last year on n off i can hear this ticking noise in my ear at night like a heartbeat.. also i get frequent hedaches, which causes my neck muscles to ache and also the area around my right jaw and below the ears, temples of my head, n also ear pain, but its not like inner ear ache,its a different kind of pain.
i did go back to the doctor to check if heamangeoma was back, but after the xrays and doppler test(like ultrasound test), but the everything showed that i am normal.
i started these problems as i joined work, and goin through alot of stress.
now i feel this pain everytime, i am too tired or exhausted, too stressed, or if i get a cold.
i dont have any problem eating n theres no clicking sound when i eat, i have no problem openin my mouth as wide as i can.i feel the need to clean my ears with cotton ear buds, as i feel that help reduce any pain, or maybe this is just in my head. :P
i do use the laptop alot, and many times i dont sleep on time.
i also have a small problem with my vision, when im tired mostly in the evening, i cant seem to focus at things quickly, objects appear blur for like 5-6 seconds till i make my eyes focus on the object, but the doctor suggested to wear glasses (0.25) so now i can see at night withnout any problems.
does anyone feel the same symptoms? can someone tell me whats wrong with me?


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Answer by Roy
Like you said yourself: you might want to try to get your sleeping routine back in order. I know this is hard: I had trouble with it myself. The best way to go about doing this is going to bed an hour earlier then your supposed to (to let the feel of relaxation and sleepiness set in), so you’ll still sleep on time.

If that doesn’t work you can always skip a night of sleep, that way you’ll be sure to be tired the day after. The trick to this is not to go to sleep before bedtime: if you do you’ll mess up your schedule even further.

Stress can also be a major factor in someones life. The mind and body are inseparable so if you experience heavy stress this will radiate through your body. Find out what causes the stress and try to find a solution. If it’s something your can’t fix or can’t fix yet you should come to terms with it and accept that’s just something you have to live with for now and stop worrying over it.

And of course: the standard answer: if you are really worried about the state of your body and mind are in check back with your doctor. If you have the feeling that you should see your doctor, listen to that little voice in your head telling you to go.

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Tinnitus treatment – Your Main Objective

The first task to the treatment for tinnitus should be a bodily check-up. This tends to eliminate almost any actual conditions or abnormalities that could be inducing the ringing in the ears discomfort.

The subsequent vital stage toward tinnitus treatments is usually to attempt to decide the reason for the ears ringing. There are various issues which could trigger it and should you have experienced the tinnitis for years, it could actually be hard to figure out the actual cause associated with the tinnitus. Often tinnitus may well also be due to a number of conditions.

tinnitus treatment

Aside from a treatment plan for your ears ringing, you will also find steps to help relieve the power of your tinnitus. Everyone differs plus each and every case of tinnitus is additionally distinct nevertheless here are some concepts to take into consideration:

1.Moderate your blood pressure level

2.Decrease your intake of sodium

3.Keep from contact with exposure to noise

4.Cut down the stress and anxiety that you have experienced

5.Steer clear of neural inciters (like cigarette smoking and additionally caffeinated drinks)

6.Get physical fitness

7.Sleep regularly and avoid exhaustion

8.Take the focus away from your tinnitis (stop stressing over it)

9.Utilize masking (white noise, such as ceiling fan.

10.Avoid aspirin or items that include aspirin

While this stuff by themselves may not remedy ones ringing in the ears, they are able to sometimes reduce the strength of the noises you perceive. This helps lower tinnitus-induced stress and anxiety, makes it possible to get to sleep much better in the evening and make it simpler operate in the daytime. This may support the actual tinnitus treatment you are currently getting too.

Many people like a more pure option with regards to their ears ringing treatment. You might prefer natural treatment options or perhaps trying pure methods just like vitamins and also herbs which are meant to support. Some examples are usually vitamins along with herbs which increase blood flow and boost blood flow. A medical expert may suggest medications to assist in treating your ringing in the ears. Many people locate these to work. If you follow this road, you may have to attempt several different medicines before determing the best one to your requirements as is normal with any treatments.


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