Alternative Tinnitus Treatments – Niacin, Magnesium and More

A lot of tinnitus drug treatments available don’t work very well or have unwanted side effects. You probably already know this, since you are reading this article, and you’re more than likely looking for alternative tinnitus treatments. Other than drugs, there are vitamins, herbs, acupuncture, and more homeopathic remedies, however this article will cover some of the vitamins, being they are a healthier alternative to prescription drugs, used to treat tinnitus.

A wonderful vitamin to treat tinnitus is Niacin. Niacin is taken on an empty stomach and is recommended to take 50mg twice a day to treat tinnitus. It is possible you’ll experience a niacin flush. Your body will get really hot without any notice. This means your body is getting the benefits it needs from niacin so this is a good experience.

Magnesium is very good for treating tinnitus but also helps to prevent hearing loss. After many studies, magnesium has been found to naturally prevent loss of hearing. Magnesium is a excellent supplement due to the fact that tinnitus interferes with hearing. You would take 167mg of magnesium a day. The cochlea stores zinc in it’s highest quantities. Zinc is highly important for optimum hearing health. 90mg per day is the recommended dosage of zinc to help treat tinnitus.

One of the most important vitamin combinations you can take is lecithin used in conjunction with niacin. Lecithin is believed to be a emulsifier. It helps to get rid of fatty build up in your capillaries. Capillaries open up because of niacin which lets the lecithin in. Eggs and seeds that contain lecithin which can give you a daily supply. These are some of the vitamins that will help you treat tinnitus. Give them a try but don’t go over the recommended dosage because they could be harmful.

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