A Bee in My Ear !

Everything was okay, then I heard a random sound in my ear. Didn’t take long to notice it was a bee buzzing around.
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That’s right, time to read a review sponsored from Budget gadgets, go check out there site!! www.budgetgadgets.com For the Best gadgets for your budget, Budget Gadgets is your go to site. ON with the review, This bluetooth headset is the N90 that runs at about , you get the bluetooth, charger and an ear piece. Well i used the headset on my playstation 3 to talk with my pals and i could hear them well there was a minor buzzing sound but wasn’t a huge concern (I believe it was caused by the internet connection) I also used it on the HTC evo which performed well. I could hear the other person in good quality. But there was a something i didn’t like about the product, which was the ear piece. It was seperated from the headset which was not mounted on the headset which meant if you lost it then you were out of luck.Not only that, but it fell of my ear there was no secure for the ear piece to lock in the ear piece for the headset. Overall, this blue tooth headset is something i see myself using for a long time Has long lasting battery time and great sound quality and a great price. I recommend this to anyone looking for blue tooth for a great price!!! Verdict: 4/5 The pros: Good price, Great sound quality and long lasting battery The cons: Ear piece was not good. Check out budgetgadgets.com for even more gadgets! Thanks again

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